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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Farewell for a few days...

Ya-ha, the computer is going in for a couple of days, hopefully no longer than Saturday as I'm planning to go away on Sunday to Rob's (The man I get hugs from). With all the hub-bub I've had with this computer in the past few months, I really want to get this graphics card problem sorted in the easiest way possible and hopefully the more affordable one too. Since it seems that theres a screw loose on the graphics card itself, I'm hoping that they can just wedge another little crewy thing in....but what do I know about computers XD We shall see anyhoo.

Before I toddle on my way for a couple of days, here is my next 'Hallow Lady' installment...


I love how her hair came out in this one, also the dress ripples too ^_^

I may be back informing you of youtube videos too, as I'm in the process of uploading them :)

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