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Monday, 24 November 2008

Like, woah!

H'okay, I AM HERE. I just haven't had the patience to fill this out.

First of all here is my New York Pt.2 video:

I haven't got round to exporting Pt.3 yet, not-to-mention the Zombie Marathon that happened over Hallow's Eve.

Yesh, my computer did get fixed *BIG GRIN* Fortunately, no need for a new graphics card, just sticking some of the screws back on the already existing graphics card. This was conducted by some much more knowledgable computer repair folk, who told me the previous repair shop I visited is known for shafting people, even damaging their hardware and my faulty card could be related to them. Asses.

Although, (I don't want to jinx anything) I had a weird resolution thing happen to my screen when playing WoW the other night and have stayed weary ever since. Not sure whats going on to be honest, but if I DO require a new graphics card still, it will have to wait until after Xmas. SRSLY. I'm awaiting a free day to crack open the case and explore the insides and see if all is well, until then I'm keeping myself occupied with applying to a job at Warhammer World for an illustrator. All is printed out artwork wise, just need to spiff up my CV and write out some mind blowing cover letter; wish me luck!

In correlation to this is my dear siblings birthday, which we're celebrating by visiting London for the day tomorrow - whoop! Getting a good view of the Francis Bacon exhibition at the Tate and checking out Camden Town market are the main events of the day, hella funs :D Although, it means an early morning wake-up call (5am, I usually head to bed at tha time), I better stumble off this box before I loose anymore hours sleep.

I'll upload schtuff upon my return - TO LONDON!

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